About Us

Seth van Diem,

I decided to set up DogSolution from my many years of experience with a large variety of dog breeds. Every dog is unique and I enjoy building up a bond of trust and reliability with each and every one of them.
You can be confident that when you leave your front door your dog will be safe and looked after. I will give them the best care, attention and interaction they need. From experience I know how important that is.
I very much look forward to meet you and your dog, so please feel free to get in touch!


Mechteld de Bruin

Crazy about dogs and responsible for the front office within DogSolution. With great pleasure I try to arrange everything as good as possible with the aim of happy customers and of course happy dogs.


Feel free to ask your questions!

We will respond within 24 hours • Your details will be safe. Your emails will only be used for correspondence between yourself and I • An Introductory meeting is free and without obligation

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